Tech Enabled Growth Marketing

Logic Named Joe is a consultancy business run by Joe Carstairs, an experienced digital strategist, marketing leader and copywriter who has worked with a range of agencies, technology businesses, professional services firms and publishers over the last ten years.


Founder-run businesses, seeking an experienced marketer.

- Small marketing team (0-5 people)

- No experienced marketing lead

- Tech-enabled growth ambitions

- Lead generation/sales targets

Established SMES

Established businesses wanting to transform their marketing.

- Larger marketing team (5-20 people)

- Multiple product or business lines

- Digital transformation required

- Efficiency/effectiveness targets


Creative agencies with increased digital marketing needs.

- SME sized (10-50 employees)

- Tech/finance/professional clients

- Increasing digital marketing focus

- Lacking marketing expertise


Marketing strategy

Partner with a knowledgeable marketer who has designed and delivered strategies for startups, SMEs, agencies and enterprise clients.

Martech review

Growth focused teams need a finely tuned marketing technology stack. Rely on Logic Named Joe to build or optimise yours.

Content creation

Logic Named Joe can help you plan, produce and distribute regular content across owned, earned and bought channels.

Budget planning

For yearly, project or campaign plans, Logic Named Joe can assist you in forecasting costs, personnel and third party requirements.

Analytics setup

Make better decisions by designing or improving your analytics setup with the help of a data-driven marketer.


Access an experienced copywriter to ensure you never have to delay or miss out on PR, marketing and advertising opportunities.